Ultimate Checklist Worksheets


Get the most out of your next daily, month-long, or yearly Art Challenge with this easy-to-follow guideline. In this 10-page PDF, I share tips on how to prepare and complete a monthly Art Challenge, such as Inktober’s pen and ink drawing challenge. These principles can also be applied to large-scale art endeavors and point you in the right direction for your next big project.

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The Ultimate Art Challenge Checklist Worksheets

The path to a strong finish becomes clear when you have:

  • a vision;
  • strategies to stay motivated;
  • objectives;
  • selected supplies, and;
  • follow a schedule and/or workflow method.

These checklist worksheets are designed to help you plan and complete monthly art challenges. The principles can also be applied to achieve large-scale art projects.

For more insights on self-directed learning and practical tips on pen and ink drawing, please visit my website blog and YouTube channel.


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