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  • Vagabond Musashi Study

    $190.00 Originals

    Fans of the Vagabond Manga will appreciate this master study of the Miyamoto Musashi character created by Master Takehiko Inoue.

    The portrait is a dip pen and brush recreation for a Master Study tutorial video. This product is the original artwork inked by Chloe. The art is signed on the front and comes with a certificate of authenticity from Chloe Gendron, Longstride Illustration.

    🎥 Watch the process on YouTube.

  • Frazetta Master Study

    Original price was: $345.00.Current price is: $220.00. Originals

    Fans of Frank Frazetta will appreciate this pen and ink master study of an ‘Earth Core’ piece.

    This product is the original. The art is signed on the front and comes with a certificate of authenticity from Chloe Gendron, Longstride Illustration.

    Watch the Master Study tutorial on YouTube.

  • Tug War

    $180.00 Originals

    A Battle of Wits! Add a touch of drama to your space with this raven Vs hawk tug-war original line-art illustration (revamped December 2023).

    Handcrafted with dip pens and ink.

  • Phoenix takes flight

    Original price was: $295.00.Current price is: $190.00. Originals

    Born from the ashes, destined to soar!

    Watch the process on YouTube.

  • Orchid Tutorial Worksheets (freebie)


    This 10-page PDF worksheet guide includes:

    • Instructions
    • Photo references
    • Practice exercises
    • Printable templates
    • Links to additional resources

    This guide is a resource for the companion blog article “Create a simple line drawing of an Orchid“.

  • Master Study Checklist


    This 13-page PDF checklist walks you through the process of conducting a master study based on your learning objectives.

    It includes:

    • Self-assessment guides
    • Exercises
    • Definitions of the art fundamentals for pen and ink
    • Resources
  • Ultimate Checklist Worksheets


    Get the most out of your next daily, month-long, or yearly Art Challenge with this easy-to-follow guideline. In this 10-page PDF, I share tips on how to prepare and complete a monthly Art Challenge, such as Inktober’s pen and ink drawing challenge. These principles can also be applied to large-scale art endeavors and point you in the right direction for your next big project.

  • Mockingbird Nosy Neighbor

    $180.00 Originals

    Imagine a head-bust sculpture that captures the essence of that one person – the nosy neighbor – who always seems to be in the right place at the right time, making their presence known with incessant chatter and an uncanny ability to observe your every move.

    Picture a long-tailed, round, and stalky figure, always in motion with a broom or a fly swatter, vigilantly guarding their territory and keeping tabs on everyone’s business.

    Embrace the nostalgia and share the laughter as you cherish this piece of art that brings a touch of whimsy and familiarity to any space.

    Please note that this artwork comes unframed.

  • Phoenix – Download


    From the ashes reborn!

  • Curious Grackle

    $100.00 Originals

    Embrace Resilience – Meet The Curious Grackle: A Heartwarming original line-art illustration! (8.5×11 inches).

    Discover the power of simplicity and innocence in this charming artwork, hand-drawn with dip pens and ink.

    Minimalistic yet impactful, this illustration captures the essence of the underdog – those often undervalued but always resilient.

    Always ready to embrace whatever comes: the grackle way.

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