Whispering Ravens


Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of “Whispering Ravens,” a high-quality print born from an illustration hand-drawn with a dip pen and ink.

Transported to the summit of Cypress Mountain in British Columbia, you’ll encounter this faithful pair of ravens, captivated by your presence and engaged in a hushed conversation, deciding whether to accompany you on your alpine adventure.

Add a touch of nature’s beauty and the spirit of exploration to your surroundings with this captivating print. Let “Whispering Ravens” accompany you on your journey, evoking a sense of wisdom and mysticism with each glance, as you embark on your own alpine adventures or escape into the realm of myths and wilderness tales.

Please note that this print comes unframed.

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This evocative artwork speaks to the hearts of mountain hiking and outdoor activity enthusiasts, drawing admiration for the observation and problem-solving skills of ravens, essential traits when venturing into the backcountry.

In the stillness of these quiet moments, the charm of the piece beckons those who revel in immersing themselves in stories or music to fill empty spaces.

  • From original pen & ink artwork.
  • Dimensions: 8×10 inches.
  • Printed on bright white, smooth, fine art archival high-quality paper, 250gsm, Ph-neutral, 100% cotton.

Please note that this print comes unframed.

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