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  • Graceful Avian Trio

    $52.50 Prints

    Graceful Avian Trio: Own the essence of nature with this Heron line-art giclee print set! This exclusive set features three exquisite illustrations: the regal Great Heron, the charming Green Heron, and the elegant Blue Heron. Perfect for art collectors, bird enthusiasts, and lovers of cottage-home style decor, this set offers exceptional value with three stunning pieces at a remarkably reasonable price.

    Please note that these artworks come unframed. Dimensions: 8.5 x11 inches (each)

  • Steller Jay with Fresh Coif

    $22.50 Prints

    Step into the captivating world of Whistler Alpine Meadows in British Columbia with this glicee print born from an illustration hand-drawn with a dip pen and ink.

    This black and white drawing portrays the charismatic Steller Jay, a magnificent bird half adorned in brilliant blue hues, with a striking crest that exudes boldness and intelligence.

    For the solitary and patient souls who find solace in exploring the forest and the high alpine, this artwork serves as a cherished memento of your special connection to nature’s wonders.

    The Steller Jay, with its inquisitive nature, resonates with those who seem aloof or standoffish in public but find their authentic selves while on thrilling woodland adventures.

    Hang this piece in your home, and let it transport you to the breathtaking landscapes of Whistler Alpine Meadows, evoking fond memories of your most memorable adventures.

    Please note that this print comes unframed.

  • Crow Investigating

    $22.50 Prints

    Step into a scene of wonder with this high-quality print born from an illustration hand-drawn with a dip pen and ink.

    This artwork portrays a remarkable scene of a crow, the epitome of intelligence and craftiness, exploring a serene flower garden, drawn to lovely scents that fill the air.

    With a strategic and patient approach, the crow has meticulously inspected its surroundings, from treetops to open woods, from fields to the empty beach and the quiet morning’s town center. Its expression reflects a blend of wonder and satisfaction, reminding us of the joy of exploring the world with curiosity.

    Hang “Cow Investigating” on your wall and be inspired by the crow’s inquisitive spirit and steadfast demeanor, making your home a sanctuary of tranquility and admiration for nature’s wonders.

    Please note that this print comes unframed.

  • Whispering Ravens

    $22.50 Prints

    Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of “Whispering Ravens,” a high-quality print born from an illustration hand-drawn with a dip pen and ink.

    Transported to the summit of Cypress Mountain in British Columbia, you’ll encounter this faithful pair of ravens, captivated by your presence and engaged in a hushed conversation, deciding whether to accompany you on your alpine adventure.

    Add a touch of nature’s beauty and the spirit of exploration to your surroundings with this captivating print. Let “Whispering Ravens” accompany you on your journey, evoking a sense of wisdom and mysticism with each glance, as you embark on your own alpine adventures or escape into the realm of myths and wilderness tales.

    Please note that this print comes unframed.

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